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I start this email by remembering the horrific events of last Friday night in Paris. I want to give my deepest sympathies to the families of the victims and solidarity with the French people.
It's not just France that has been attacked here but everything that we stand for and hold dear. The significance of what happened will only strengthen our commitment alongside our French colleagues to end war, terror, violence and intolerance as we continue to work for peace.
Work has continued this week with progress being made towards an agreement on the EU budget for 2016. One of the highlights of the week was the visit of the delegation of Trade Unionists from across the South West. Over two days we considered David Cameron's shopping list for the renegotiation of Europe and identified how we can protect people in work and make people's lives better in the South West with this in mind.

As the campaigns begin to start on either side of the EU referendum debate I will be organising numerous training sessions around the South West on campaigning in the referendum. The first of these will be at the South West Regional Conference in Bristol, where I hope to see many of you there. This is will be followed by a session in Yeovil on Saturday 5th December, please get in touch for more details.

Thanks for reading the e-newsletter and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or issues you'd like to raise with me about the EU and Europe.
Best wishes,

UN Climate Change Conference in Paris

Earlier in November the Met Office announced that global temperatures are going to reach 1 degree C above pre-industrial temperatures for the first time. That made a meeting I arranged for leading Climate Change scientists from the Royal Society to meet with Commissioner Canete very timely.  Canete and his lead negotiator welcomed the scientific advice in advance of them representing the EU at the conference in Paris in early December.
This meeting was followed up by my colleague, Seb Dance, London MEP (who will be part of the European Parliament's delegation to the Paris conference), joining me in the South West for a visit to the Met Office, where world leading research into climate change is being done.

We also met residents who were affected by the floods in Somerset early last year. It is accepted that climate change is going to lead to more extreme weather and so we have to take action now to minimise climate change and prevent people's lives being devastated by it.

End of Roaming Charges in EU

Labour MEPs voted for the abolition of mobile roaming charges in the EU. There will be a decrease in roaming charges from April 30, 2016, with an official end to roaming charges on June 15, 2017.
The cost of making and receiving calls, sending texts and browsing the internet has come down substantially after the EU intervened to challenge rip-off charges set by mobile operators. Labour MEPs have consistently backed cuts to roaming charges, helping to secure cheaper mobile phone bills for holidaymakers and those who travel within the EU for work.
Agreement has now been reached to end roaming charges from 15 June 2017, which means that mobile phone users will be able to use their inclusive allowances across the EU at no extra cost. A further reduction from June 2016 will ensure that prices continue to fall in the interim period.

EU fines for tax dodging multi-nationals just tip of the iceberg as MEPs set vote for Country by Country tax reporting

In a landmark case against aggressive tax dodging, the EU Commission has ordered authorities in Luxembourg and the Netherlands to collect between €20-30mn (£15-22mn) in unpaid taxes from Fiat and Starbucks. This EU ruling should serve as a warning to EU countries and companies alike that taking advantage of ‘sweetheart deals’ to avoid paying their fair share of tax (some multinationals pay as little as 1%!) is illegal and will no longer be tolerated.
We have been calling for the introduction of public country-by-country reporting for years, with Conservative MEPs opposing moves for a fairer tax system at every turn. If adopted, public country-by-country reporting would strengthen tax authorities’ abilities to assess tax arrangements in multinational firms by requiring them to report on their annual financial activities - and strengthen citizens' ability to hold these big firms to account. 

Around the Region

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Tolpuddle, Dorset
Talking about why the EU matters to students from Bournemouth University and why we need everyone to register to vote for the EU referendum
Cider orchard, Somerset
Great to talk to about the life of an MEP, the workings of the EU and ins and outs of the ‪EU referendum debate with the Bristol Junior Chamber
Salisbury based astronaut Tim Peake talks about his 6 month Principia mission to International Space Station and what he will be doing in space
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Labour MEPs welcome pro-EU referendum comments from academics
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Labour MEPs have reiterated their opposition to any form of ISDS mechanism 
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