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We are constantly working for you in the community, with many years of experience in local goverment we are well placed to represent you.
Please feel free to contact us on matters of local concerns.  We may not be able to solve your problems but at least we will give you a fair hearing and give it our best shot.

Chris Watts

Chris WattsIntroducing Chris Watts, our Parliamentary Candidate for the Devizes Constituency.

Chris Watts is 46 years-old, married with three children. He has lived in Wiltshire for most of his life – his parents returning to Wiltshire when he was two years old.
He has worked in IT for twenty five years. He is a lay member of the GMB trade union and is President of its Wiltshire and Swindon Branch with representing responsibility for 2,200 employees throughout the county.
About Chris Watts
He joined the Labour Party after the 2010 General Election and has been an active member of the party. He recently led the successful campaign to stop the Conservative run Swindon Council selling off its council house stock.
Chris Watts says “The constituency has been unfairly treated by a Government with the wrong priorities. High youth unemployment, trebling of university fees, loss of educational maintenance allowance, abolition of the agricultural wage board, underfunding of rural NHS services and many more Coalition policies which have directly impacted our lives for the worse.
When millionaires and hedge fund managers receive tax cuts and bankers’ bonuses are on the rise, it is time to say enough is enough.”
“I will continue to promote the benefits of a living wage and fight against the proliferation of zero hour contracts. I will campaign to reinstate basic employment rights that have been cast aside too readily by the Coalition. It is the realisation of these aspirations that would lift many working people out of poverty, whilst decreasing the burden on welfare and giving the economy a much needed boost for all.”
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