A cross Party group of demonstrators protested to Wiltshire Council about their decision to close Braeside and Oxenwood Outdoor Education Centres.

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You will find below, the link to the webcast of today’s full council meeting at County Hall in Trowbridge. The petition was presented and there followed a council debate on the points raised, resulting in a motion that was voted in unanimously (88 for, none against, one abstention).





Wiltshire Council have listened to their constituents. They have committed to carry out an open and transparent review of the bids from interested organisations - of which there are several - to take over the running of Braeside and Oxenwood.




A well supported meeting discussed Wiltshire Council's surprise decision to close Braeside and Oxenwood Education  with speakers from Labour, Lib Dems the Green Party and Lucy Gomes a parent who started a petition against the closures.   Lucy will be presenting the petition which now has nearly 16,000 signatures, to  Councillors at County Hall, Trowbridge on 22nd May.

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Pictures by  Bob  Naylor.

As many of you will know Tory controlled Wiltshire Council have decided to close the popular youth activity/education centres of Braeside & Oxenwood.

Braeside Labour protest

On the 17th of April protesters against the planned closures gathered at the former Devizes Grammer School complex to make their outrage known.

Braeside protesters

and were joined by the children who were at the centre in Devizes, who could be the last youngsters to enjoy the benefit of the establishment if Wiltshire Council have their way.

Braeside protest

There is a great deal of anger surrounding this decision from a wide cross section of the community.  A petition of some 15,000 signatures has been presented and meetings are being planned to accomodate further discussion in the next few weeks

Emily Thornberry MP attended the South Swindon Campaign day on Saturday 24th February.

 It was an enthusiastic group of Devizes Members who travelled up to to help canvas against
Tory police cuts in Wiltshire and to promote the local candidates for the May local government elections.

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Canvassing south Swindon 900