We are proud to announce that Laura Naylor, Rachael Ross, Noel Woolrych, Abe Allen & Katherine Davis have been selected to stand in the 2021 Wiltshire Council Elections.

The list of candidates will be updated as more are selected and endorsed to stand for election.

  Rachael Ross - Pewsey - ROSS, Rachael
Noel Woolrych

Noël Woolrych - Devizes East   -  WOOLRYCH, Humphry Noël
Although born a Londoner, I have lived in Devizes for over 40 years. Married with a grown-up family, I have had a varied career in agriculture, motor engineering and teaching. More recently running a computer services company and Devizes town CCTV manager. With more than 40 years in community activities from getting the canal reopened, running Carnival, Twinning, community safety, chairman of school governors, former councillor and Mayor I have a wealth of experience in local government and a track record of getting things done.

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Abe Allen

Abe Allen – Tidworth East and Ludgershall South    -    ALLEN, Abe Michael Terry

Hello! I’m Abe. I am from a predominately military background and have moved across the country and overseas with my family throughout my younger years. Since leaving my family home, I have settled in Tidworth, an area which I love, and I am proud to call my home. I am now committed to making Tidworth, Ludgershall and the wider Wiltshire an even better place to live in. 

A current Civil Servant, I work for the Ministry of Defence, leading on the delivery of the Army’s Climate Assessment Service which aims to improve the lived experience of all personnel working for the Army – Military and Civilian alike. 

In addition to being a Civil Servant, I am also actively involved in my workplace Trade Union and I am very passionate about supporting my members on an individual basis and collectively when negotiating with management. I have always enjoyed helping people and I take great pride in improving the lives of our workers and community. 

Furthermore, I am a current Town Councillor for Tidworth, where I sit on the Engagements committee. Some of my work for the council, and ultimately my community includes supporting the Open-Air Cinema event in Aug 20, delivering community clean-ups (litter picks) and keeping a close eye on our parks – to ensure they’re in good condition. 

If all of that wasn’t enough – I’m also running, alongside another local resident, a Facebook support group which distributes food and other essential items to local people who might otherwise go without. My aim is to serve, putting our community first! 

Please feel free to visit and follow my Facebook Page to stay up to date with my local activities! 

Katherine Davis

Katherine Davis - Marlborough East - DAVIS, Katherine

I live with my husband and two children in the Devizes constituency and have done for 17 years. After graduating I took a job at Reuters and then following a career break whilst my two children were young I decided to return to work, becoming a History & Politics teacher, first at Swindon New College and then in Reading. These roles have given me insight into the harm that has been done to our education system under the Conservatives. It reminds me of my own education during the Thatcher era and remember the prefabs, the empty library shelves, and the yellowing text books in the comprehensive school I attended. I now work in Higher Education within Widening Participation and feel there has never been a more desperate need for a Labour values within local and national government.

While on the surface Marlborough can appear as an affluent area I know, after speaking to local residents that there is real need, in housing, health care and social care, to name but a few. I want to be a voice for those people that the Conservatives are so keen to ignore.










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