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Dear Editor

We are astounded that Danny Kruger continues to support Dominic Cummings’ clear breach of the lockdown rules to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The anger, confusion and loss of trust this incident has created could lead to many more unnecessary deaths, as peoples’ faith in the Government’s ability to handle this pandemic is even further eroded.

At_Devizes_hustings.pngThe Labour Party has tried to support the Government in handling this crisis as people’s lives are at stake. But Dominic Cummings is not the Government. He is not an elected politician, he is not even a member of the Conservative party. He is a paid political advisor. Political advisors work for the government. In this case it would seem as if the government is being asked to work for Cummings as one after another Conservative MPs (including our own) has been sent out to defend him.

All political parties have political advisors none of them are indispensable. For Danny Kruger to argue that sacking Dominic Cummings would be a vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson beggars belief. If this is true, it is testimony to the paucity of talent in the current Conservative party.  

At the Pewsey hustings, before the General election, when issues of Boris Johnson’s honesty were raised by a member of the audience, Danny Kruger defended Johnson as a friend.  Now Kruger is our MP he is defending another of his friends. Cumming’s argument that he drove 60 miles to visit a beauty spot to test his eyesight, is just not credible. Danny Kruger wasn’t elected as MP for Devizes to defend his friends. He was elected to represent his constituents.

A recent poll suggests that 81% of those polled believe Dominic Cummings broke the lockdown rules. Many of Kruger’s constituents have written to him and complained, and all of us have received the same standard letter back. None of our concerns have been addressed and none of our personal sacrifices acknowledged.

If Danny Kruger believes that one man’s career is more important than ensuring the rest of the country comply with strategies to beat this pandemic then Danny Kruger should think again.

Yours sincerely,

Rachael Ross, Devizes Constituency Labour Party Chair and General election candidate 2019, Vice Chair Sylvia Card, Secretary Steve O’Neal, Vice Chair Membership Ivor Blackmore, and Labour Party Exec Committee Members Rod Evans, Di Harris, Robert Oguaju, Steve Osborne and Noel Woolrych



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