Katherine Davis 

IKatherine Davis live with my husband and two children in the Devizes constituency and have done for 17 years. After graduating I took a job at Reuters and then following a career break whilst my two children were young I decided to return to work, becoming a History & Politics teacher, first at Swindon New College and then in Reading. These roles have given me insight into the harm that has been done to our education system under the Conservatives. It reminds me of my own education during the Thatcher era and remember the prefabs, the empty library shelves, and the yellowing text books in the comprehensive school I attended. I now work in Higher Education within Widening Participation and feel there has never been a more desperate need for a Labour values within local and national government.

While on the surface Marlborough can appear as an affluent area I know, after speaking to local residents that there is real need, in housing, health care and social care, to name but a few. I want to be a voice for those people that the Conservatives are so keen to ignore.



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