Devizes East Ward: Daisy Bostanli

Daisy BostanliAs a young person growing up in Devizes I am saddened by the lack of facilities for young people.  We need to provide the next generation with safe places to go and to provide job opportunities in the local exonomy.

Wiltshire Council used to employ 150 youth workers and run 24 youth centres - this staff number has been vastly reduced by cuts since 2014 and all of the youth centres closed. The Conservatives have left local young people without a much-needed source of support. It’s time to put that right.



Devizes North Ward: Vince McNamara

 Vince McNamaraI joined the Labour party in 2015, having been a supporter my whole life, but only recently got more involved with the local CLP. I have been one of the volunteer organisers of the Devizes Arts Festival for 5 years. I am delighted to be standing for the Town Council in the May elections.




Devizes South Ward: Catherine Amelia Brown

Catherine Brown

 As the 700th Mayor of Devizes I am pleased to be standing again for the Town Council elections.
There are many issues facing our town, health care provision, youth services, parks and open spaces, car parking and environmental issues to name just a few.






Devizes Roundway Ward: Bill Wescott

Bill WestcottI have lived in Devizes since 2005.
I volunteer with an RC church as a steward and am an active member of the League against Cruel sports.
I enjoy plying tennis and allotmenteering.
Over lockdown i have noticed the difficulties for Parents with schoolchildren,who neither have a garden and/or computer.
I wish to stand for Roundway, Rowde and Bromham and help with Labours values of Community Care (especially the vulnerable), scrutiny and openness with local issues and proper regard to those seeking positions of authority.



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