The Constituency Executive Committee are responsible for running the affairs of the Constituency Labour Party in the Devizes area.


Rachael Ross

Rachael Ross

I joined the Labour Party in 2017 around the time of the anniversary of Jo Cox death, with a sense that it was time to stop shouting at the tele and start to make a real difference locally. 

I have lived in the Pewsey Vale for over 20 years and spent my early working years in industrial relations in the energy industry. Nowadays I run a leadership and equality business which has involved me travelling to India, the US and across Europe.

I was born in London and developed strong values around fairness and the value of community right from my early days, attending a truly diverse inner London state school founded by Dame Burdett Coutts. 

I have been involved in social and political change throughout my working life and I am honoured to have been elected Chair of the Constituency Labour Party in Devizes and of the Wiltshire wideLabour Campaign Forum. I love working with our amazing Labour colleagues and members across our constituency and across Wiltshire. 

Please contact us if you would like to find out more about Labour, or if we can partner with you to help influence change to benefit our whole community.   

In DevizesI volunteer with Opendoors charity and have seen at first hand the impact of the political choice of austerity, especially on vulnerable and young people.

I am passionate about a making sure the UK stays as a community focused, internationalistcountry,where fairness and equalityare our values and where a Labour government can bring in the real change required: a radical new green industrial revolution serving the many not the few!  

Vice-Chair & Policy Officer

Sylvia Card

Sylvia Card

I was born and brought up in Cornwall. I studied at the L.S.E. and graduated with a degree in Social Policy and a Masters in Health Economics. I was a Senior Lecturer in Health Policy at Brighton University for many years.  I moved to Marlborough with my husband a few years ago, to be closer to my family.   

I believe that society is deeply divided and that in recent years that gap has widened. I have been involved in grass roots politics for the whole of my adult life and I know that real change only happens when communities come together to make demands on our elected representatives.    In my view, Wiltshire Council operates in a totally undemocratic manner. Decisions are made by a group of likeminded people and then put out for “consultation” in a farcical way. A healthy democracy can only be achieved when alternative voices are heard and by challenging the status quo. If I am elected I will work towards a more equitable system.





Vince McNamara


Trade Union Liaison Officer

Di Harris

Di Harris

I was born in Cardiff but grew up in Wiltshire, returning to Cardiff to study for a degree in Clinical Biochemistry. After working in research for several years I left laboratory life behind to become a medical journalist - obtaining an MSc in Health Promotion and an MA in Mass Communication along the way. I turned freelance when family caring responsibilities meant I needed to be based at home, and during this time I began a 15-year relationship with a professional theatre company touring to schools, spending over 10 years as their Chair. Twenty years ago, I took a huge change in direction professionally and now write about international inland waterways.

I joined the Executive of Devizes CLP in 2016 as the Trades Union Liaison Officer. I’ve been an active member of the National Union of Journalists for many years and have held several national lay activist roles, which include sitting on committees dealing with Ethics, Equality and Freelance issues as well as representing the SW on the NEC. I am Chair of the Wiltshire NUJ Branch and a founder member of the White Horse (Wiltshire) Trades Council.

I have fought against inequality from early childhood and it has been a driving force throughout my life. I was a member of Bath Community Health Council, briefly a trustee with Kennet Action for Single Homeless before representing KASH on the board of the Salisbury-based homeless charity Alabare and I’m currently a trustee of a homeless charity in Swindon.

I care passionately about the NHS, the cuts in essential Council services, the need to support vulnerable people and the ever-growing inequality driven by government policies. 

Women's Officer

Katherine Davis


I live in the constituency with my husband and two children. I am a History, Politics and Economics teacher and have a degree in Economics and Politics and an MA in History.

I joined the Labour Party in 2015 after the election of another Conservative government. As a life long Labour supporter I realised it was time to take action, so I signed up as a member and then went along to a members’ meeting. What I found there was my political home, surrounded by like-minded people, a large number of whom had spent their lives trying to make a difference, fighting for a fairer society.

After running for Wiltshire Council in 2017 for Marlborough East, I then put myself forward as Women’s Officer for the Devizes CLP. It has been a pleasure and an honour to represent the women of our constituency. I have started a monthly women’s social in Devizes, so if you would like to come along, please do - the more the merrier!

IT Co-ordinator

Rod Evans

Rod Evans  

Membership Secretary
Youth Co-ordinator

Tom Murphy

Tom Murphy

 I am originally from Bath and have returned to Devizes after four years at University in Liverpool. I joined the Labour Party in 2015, but it was whilst living in Liverpool that I became fully engaged in politics. During the 2019 General Election I campaigned across the north west and was fortunate to meet many dedicated volunteers who give so much time and energy to the party. I was delighted to become Membership Secretary for our CLP in September, my first volunteer role within the Labour Party.

BAME Officer 

Robert Oguaju

Disability Officer

Laura Naylor

Laura Naylor

I am proud to call Devizes my home. I was born in Wiltshire and have grown up here. I would love the opportunity to support and work with the local community in Devizes North.
I first started championing people's rights as a volunteer here in Devizes at the local Citizens Advice Bureau before moving on to a paid role with the CAB in London. I moved back to the South West several years ago and worked in social housing and I currently work in the voluntary sector. I have a degree in Sociology and an MSc in Social and Political Theory.

Website & Social Media Co-ordinator etc..

Noël Woolrych

Noel Woolrych

I'm the tecky one!  Originally from London, I have lived in Devizes for 40 years. I've spent most of my life in the political arena.  I have represented the East Ward of Devizes for 12 years as a Town Councillor and the Town as "Mayor of the Millennium". I have stood as a candidate at Town, District & County levels but now take a more advisory role.  As a local businessman I care passionatley about the local economy, tourism and the town in general.
I have been involved with homeless issues over the last 30 years and am a Trustee of Devizes Opendoors. I am a Director of the Devizes Development Partnership and manage the CCTV in the town (having been involved with Community Safety for nearly 40 years) and run the Town website. I've been involved with many of the town's major activities and organisations.



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