If you will be away on polling day, at work or on holiday, are physically unable or just don't have the time to get to a polling station to vote in person, you can still exercise your democratic right to vote. You may have moved house since the electoral register was drawn up and have not yet joined the register at your new address.

You can choose either to vote by post or to appoint someone else - a proxy - to vote on your behalf.

To find out more about voting by post, please visit the Government's official site where you can download an application form to vote by post -
Simply print the form out, complete the details and send it to the local Electoral Registration Officer at the local council's offices.

The last date for receipt of new postal vote applications is Tuesday 18 April 2017 and deadline for of proxy vote applications is Tuesday 25 April 2017.
Electoral Services Department,
Wiltshire Council,
Monkton Park,
SN15 1ER.
Tel: (01249) 706599

Your Labour Party are campaigning on these Local issues

Council Tax - saving you money
Labour Councillors have a track record of consistently advocating small Council Tax increases, bearing in mind that inflated increases hit those on low or fixed incomes hardest. Indeed in some years the Town Council Tax actually went down or stayed the same.

Traffic Congestion
This is a serious and growing problem in the Devizes area. Labour Councillors continue to press for better traffic management, encourage alternative means of travelling short distances such as encouraging cycling. Bus transport should be encouraged rather than the current situation where evening bus services have been axed leaving those in rural communities isolated. Labour Councillors will continue to monitor and report road maintenance and pavement defects.

Labour Councillors would adopt a more robust approach to planning decisions. Proposed housing developments need to be accompanied by relevant infrastructure and a realisation that Devizes has a finite capacity for housing. Employment sites should be retained so that Devizes does not simply become a commuter town.

Parking is becoming a problem in many residential streets, partly as a result of higher car park charges imposed by the Tories at Wiltshire Council. Labour Councillors will support a residents parking scheme where appropriate as oppose to swinging car park charge increases.

We believe that Wiltshire Council must keep the public better informed about major developments and changes in policy. More public meetings would be useful. This would ensure the representation of more local opinions.
We need to strengthen the partnership arrangements between County and Town.

Your Health Service
Whatever Government is in power Labour Councillors will continue to fight for appropriate facilities and clinical services that are needed locally. We conducted a petition, and were invited to meet with some members of the CCG.  The meeting was very positive, and we hope that new planned initiatives will be announced shortly.

Labour Councillors have always campaigned for an affordable CCTV system for Devizes. At last it is happening now! This has increased Community Safety and significanlty reduced malicious damage and unruly behaviour in the Town Centre.

The formation of more residents’ Housing Committees and the interaction of the Youth Forum will help to reduce the sense of Community in many parts of Devizes and mutually supportive relationships. We will support these initiatives.

Affordable Homes
These will remain on the agenda of every Labour Councillor.