Imtiyaz ShaikhI am married with 2 children. I live and work in Swindon. I got involved in local politics  around the issues of equal rights and opportunities because I believe too many people are being left behind under the current system.

l work as a Process Lead at Tyco Electronics in Swindon.

I believe this country is crying out for change and this can only be achieved by a change of Government. 

I am standing in this election for Labour because I have met so many people on short term and zero hour contracts.  I have met  nurses whose pay rises have  been frozen at 1% for six years who can  barely afford to feed their kids. I have met   teachers leaving the profession because of education cuts and young people unable to get anywhere decent to live. I want to help reverse the inequaliites that have been perpetuated under this  Tory government which I believe are so detrimental to the whole of our society rich and poor alike.

People say they like the policies only Labour will introduce. More police on the beat, investment in Health and Education and a halt to the decline in the infrastructure of our towns and villages. I believe this can be achieved if our priorities change but it will only happen if you vote Labour. We have to reverse the gross inequalities that force families on low incomes to rely on food banks and we have to pursue policies that promote genuine social inclusion. 

I am actively involved in the community where I live in successfully bringing communities together, by hosting local events, raising money for local charities and working co-operatively with others in promoting equal rights, opportunities and responsibilities.  If elected I will use these skills to ensure a more secure future for our children and grandchildren

I understand some of the core problems that people face in our constituency with a growing population and inadequate services. I strongly believe that I can help bring about change.

If elected as your MP I will fight hard to represent all the people of Devizes. I will be a local politician.

Devizes is a beautiful part of the country but the infra structure of our towns and villages is deteriorating, even the quality of the air we all breathe is  polluted with toxins. My aim will be to support policies that promote healthy communities and genuine social inclusion . When communities come together they flourish together. “For the many not the few” is more than a political  slogan it encapsulates everything I believe in.  

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