“Make Wiltshire the best County for life, work and nature”

  • Keep recycling clean and local. Set ambitious targets for recycling – and enforce them
  • Push for safe cycle paths as soon as possible connecting homes, workplaces and open spaces.
  • Wiltshire’s revision of its Local Plan to include robust and enforceable targets for sustainable development, with greater transparency in the planning process ensuring that every developer delivers the environmental benefits they promised.
  • Invite applications for housing that meet high standards of sustainability to help us achieve the 2030 carbon emissions world targets.
  • Make tree planting and maintenance a priority for all public land and support community groups to do the same.
  • Give our full support for local green energy production schemes. Ensure all council buildings and vehicles are powered by sustainably sourced energy. (Buildings immediately, vehicles on replacement).
  • Review the provision of all public transport in the region to ensure it is fit for purpose whilst ensuring the needs of those with mobility issues are met including more frequent services, reaching newer housing developments, smaller busses etc.
  • Support community environmental initiativesg. litter picks and keeping waterways maintained.
  • We aim to reduce overall food miles to encourage and promote locally sourced foods and drinks, regular farmers’ markets, farm shops etc.


Supporting statement

The quality of our lives is greatly affected by the environment we live and work in. Access to clear air and open space is a human right. Wiltshire is a largely rural county with a population of only 720,000 and most people live within a short distance of the countryside.

To encourage walking, running and riding through this beautiful countryside Wiltshire Council must ensure that adequate footpaths, cycle paths and bridleways are provided and properly maintained. And it is vital that parts of our region are safeguarded from development to allow nature to flourish. 

Caring for the environment means much more than this, it is also about reducing our carbon footprint through increasing our use of green energy, reducing waste and better recycling. It is about ensuring new buildings are highly sustainable.

Also it’s about walking and cycling rather than using the car for shorter journeys, about a reliable network of local buses, about tree-planting and wilding grass verges, about buying local, about litter-picks and a hundred and one community initiatives to make their towns and villages healthier and more attractive.

“Make Wiltshire the best County for life, work and nature”



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