Katherine DavisI have lived in the Marlborough area for many years with my husband and two young children.  I have a Degree in Economics and Politics and a Masters Degree in History. I currently teach at a Further Education College in Swindon.

I strongly believe that we need Councillors who will represent our community and keep residents informed about what is happening at Wiltshire Council. Too often major decisions are made behind closed doors and consultation is an after thought.  When this happens consultation  becomes a meaningless exercise with limited options and no real opportunity to challenge or to influence those decisions.

In recent years, the needs of Marlborough's residents have been overlooked. Our children’s centre has shut down, the only emergency hostel for the homeless has closed and we are now in danger of losing our youth centre.

Please give me the opportunity to fight with you and for you in Marlborough against the unacceptable dilution of front line services and the damage that is being done to the infrastructure of our town.